Full Recovery End Life Photovoltaic


In 2015 SASIL S.r.l., with its partners Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (SSV) and PVCycle, had developed the “FRELP” project for the complete recovery of photovoltaic panels at the end of their life.
Due to the small amount of panels available, Sasil had abandoned the project.
In 2019 TIALPI S.r.l., a company participating in Sasil S.r.l. through Minerali Industriali S.r.l., has entered into an agreement with Sasil S.r.l. in order to resume and develop the FRELP project.
Furthermore, TIALPI has integrated the project with some improvements and with the insertion of the prototype in a class A building and with photovoltaic roofing that allows energy autonomy for the first phase of the project, which involves the recovery and enhancement of the 89% by weight of the panels: aluminum, glass and connector.

Below you can find the references of the partner companies with which the Frelp project was launched:

logo sasil hqVia Libertà, 8 – 13862 Brusnengo – Biella
Telefono 015 985166 – Fax 015985327

logo pvcycle Piazzale Biancamano, 8 – 20121 Milano
Telefono 02 620 32 193 – Fax 02 620 34 000

ssvlogo_300dpi    Via Briati, 10 – 30141 Murano – Venezia
Telefono 041 27 37 011 – Fax 041 27 37 048