Full Recovery End Life Photovoltaic

Technical Progress – may 2015

May 2015

Completion, at the Stazione dei Combustibili, of the emission tests relating to the pyrolysis and combustion of the sandwich of EVA (action 4). Preliminary data confirm the presence of fluoride so important, which precludes the use of pyrolysis and thus lead to the forced choice of incineration. We will receive the full report by mid-June and will enter as a supplement to deliverable “B4”.

It was contacted a company that works in the field of incineration of waste, with a furnace large enough for our purpose, and that is available to do two campaigns per year of incineration on providing our sandwiches, so that they can return to us the residual ash for subsequent treatment of leaching and electrolysis to be carried out in Sasil. For the transfer from the incinerator of Sasil sandwiches we have already identified the code, and we are evaluating the return code to Sasil according to the final report of the Stazione dei Combustibili.

We are completing the preparation of about 10 kg of ash from sandwiches to provide the company “Darsa”, that will handle the supply of the electrolysis, to make additional checks on the characteristics of the recovered metals and the quality of the eluates to be treated to recover the hydroxides and calcium nitrate. The preparation consists in reducing the sandwich powder oxidized with sizes less than 100 microns, such as to permit efficient acid attack. Darsa will, depending on the needs of electrolysis, to look for the right conditions of acid attack, simulating as closely as possible to the scheme of flow developed by Sasil.